To Sharent or not to Sharent?

Posted by On 07.29.15
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Between my job and my personal life, I use social media a lot. I hesitate to say I’m addicted, but my wife may beg to differ. So with the recent birth of my daughter, I’ve had to ask myself: Do I ...
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Highway Hack

Posted by On 07.24.15
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Sounds like the name of a bad Michael Bay movie, right? Nope, just the topic of the recent media frenzy sparked by two well-respected security experts at the annual Black Hat and Def Con ...

A Win for Free Speech, Jersey Style

Posted by On 07.14.15
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In a state known for tough political talk, Hoboken’s political scene stands out as one of the toughest. That will likely remain the case after a recent court ruling that was a win for free ...
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No More Awkward E-mails. How Awkward is that?

Posted by On 07.08.15
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At Beckerman and Antenna, we have numerous clients in real estate and clean technology whose raison d’etre is collecting massive amounts of data that humans can’t handle and analyzing it. ...
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We Have a Wiener!

Posted by On 07.02.15
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When you think about the 4th of July traditions, fireworks, parades, backyard barbecues and bumper-to-bumper Garden State Parkway traffic probably come to mind. But for me, Independence Day is ...