Thankful for Immigrants

Posted by On 11.30.15
CATEGORY: Holiday / Politics / Public Affairs

I wonder if the Governors and Presidential candidates who have cynically exploited the legitimate fears of their constituents for short-term political gain took a minute over their Thanksgiving ...
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Stop Stealing My Thunder, Thanksgiving

Posted by On 11.25.15

I was born on Thanksgiving.   Factoring in the subtleties of the Gregorian calendar, most people born between November 22 and November 28 will have a Thanksgiving birthday on average every seven ...

Peyton Manning and the NFL Brand

Posted by On 11.24.15
CATEGORY: Crisis Management / Pop Culture / Sports / Topics in the News

Make no mistake about it: Despite the damage that individuals such as Michael Vick, Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice and, most recently, Greg Hardy have done, the NFL’s brand is still booming. There are ...

Paris and Social Media Narcissism

Posted by On 11.23.15
CATEGORY: Crisis Management / Pop Culture / Social Media / Topics in the News

When large-scale human tragedy occurs – particularly in a place like Paris, the world’s number one international tourist destination and a familiar city for Westerners – it elicits a wide range ...

Got Protein?

Posted by On 11.20.15
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Lately, companies such as Chipotle and Chobani have been proving that consumers are more than willing to spend on a tasty and healthy product even if it costs more than an unhealthy one. To ...