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Recollections of a Polio Pioneer

Posted by On 02.18.15
CATEGORY: Life Sciences / Topics in the News

More than 60 years ago, I was a participant in what has been called the largest clinical trial in the history of medicine. On April 26, 1954 I was one of 1.8 million U.S. schoolchildren to ...
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Happy Birthdays, or Something, Mr. Presidents

Posted by On 02.15.15
CATEGORY: Holiday / Pop Culture

What exactly is it that we’re celebrating today? George Washington’s birthday? Well, yes, in fact: the federal holiday is officially known as Washington’s Birthday. Except his actual birthday is ...
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Valentine$ Greeting$

Posted by On 02.13.15
CATEGORY: General Media / Holiday / Pop Culture

Second grade was a big year for me; I distributed my first set of ‘Doug’ Valentine classroom cards, featuring Patti Mayonnaise, the object of Doug’s affection. I even attached a lollipop to add ...
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The Politics of Peace

Posted by On 02.12.15
CATEGORY: Book Reviews / General Media / Politics / Public Affairs / Uncategorized

At the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington last week, President Obama addressed a crowd of more than 3,000 people. Though other parts of the President’s 25-minute speech garnered more ...
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Brian Williams: Spinning for His Job

Posted by On 02.09.15
CATEGORY: Crisis Management / General Media / Pop Culture

My wife always tells our children that when they don’t own a mistake head-on, they will turn a small problem into a big problem. Right about now, Brian Williams, who has taken a voluntary ...