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#HuggingPuppies And The Power of Social Media

Posted by On 08.19.15
CATEGORY: Social Media

By Amanda Ferraro and Desiree Santiago Did you hear about the “hugging puppies” in Georgia? A photo of the two puppy pals went viral, and they were rescued from the shelter just hours later (the ...

Five Years after the Citizen’s United Decision: Has Anything Really Changed?

Posted by On 08.11.15
CATEGORY: Politics / Public Affairs

As the 2016 presidential election gets under way, it’s worth looking at the effects of the US Supreme Court’s extremely controversial 2010 Citizens United decision (split 5-4) holding that the ...

Back to the Past – the 90s, that is

Posted by On 08.04.15
CATEGORY: Consumer Products / Pop Culture

From fashion trends to actual brands, the 90s are making a comeback, and I can’t wait to pull out the Lisa Frank folder I’ve been saving for way too long! Chokers, belly shirts, jelly sandals and ...

Shipping Container Homes Can Provide a Solution to N.J.’s Affordable Housing Problem

Posted by On 08.03.15
CATEGORY: Real Estate

Originally published on There’s a great deal of cognitive dissonance in imagining a steel box that was once stacked on the shores of Port Newark as a viable place to rest your head at ...

To Sharent or not to Sharent?

Posted by On 07.29.15
CATEGORY: Uncategorized

Between my job and my personal life, I use social media a lot. I hesitate to say I’m addicted, but my wife may beg to differ. So with the recent birth of my daughter, I’ve had to ask myself: Do I ...