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Jeter’s Greatest Legacy Is His Integrity

Posted by On 12.17.14

With baseball’s season finally concluded, now may be a good time to examine the career of Northern New Jersey native Derek Jeter and see if we can understand the roots of his great ...
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Atlantic City’s Last Hand: Latest round of government incentive programs may be the state’s last bet to save the city once known as “The World’s Playground”

Posted by On 12.09.14
CATEGORY: New Jersey / Public Affairs

I have loved Atlantic City for as long as I can remember. To a kid growing up in New Jersey, Atlantic City was larger than life: a loud, bright, energetic beachside resort. I felt so lucky when ...
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Think – Before AND After You Post

Posted by On 12.03.14
CATEGORY: Politics / Social Media

Perhaps with the holiday weekend, her brain was on vacation? For whatever reason, on Thanksgiving, Congressional staffer Elizabeth Lauten broke one of the unwritten rules of modern partisan ...
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Uber’s “Brilliant Jerk” Problem

Posted by On 12.01.14
CATEGORY: Consumer Products / Public Relations/Marketing / Technology

The term “Startup DNA” refers to the concept that successful entrepreneurship is an inherent talent. Lately, with the backlash against Silicon Valley’s “Bro-Culture,” it seems people are ...
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City On A Hill

Posted by On 11.26.14
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Both sets of my grandparents arrived to their respective countries as refugees. My maternal grandfather, persecuted and impoverished in his native Lithuania, emigrated to England in the 1920s; ...